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Iowa Football Coaches Association
Iowa Football Coaches Association

Congratulations to our 2016 State Championship Teams

Class 4A Dowling Catholic
Class 3A Pella
Class 2A Boyden Hull/Rock Valley
Class 1A Western Christian, Hull
Class A Gladbrook-Reinbeck
8 Player Don Bsoco, Gilbertville

USA Football-High School Coach

IFCA - A proud partner with USA Football

The Iowa Football Coaches Association is proud to partner with USA Football to provide coaches throughout our state the best and latest in football technique, research, and personal coaching development.

Click on the logo above to go to USA Football's high school coach site to check their many programs, like the new unified tackling program put together by USA Football and the Seattle Seahawks, or the many other great resources available.

President's Welcome Letter

“Dedicated to making high school football in Iowa the best in the nation!”

Welcome to the Iowa Football Coaches Association website and our goal of making high school football in Iowa “the best in the nation”.

Our great state is full of countless number of coaches who strive for this goal each and every year. I am thankful to be one of those coaches with you and humbled to be your association president in working towards that goal for the next two years.

The sport of football in our state is strong with over 20,000 young men participating in the past year. We are fortunate to have so many young men dedicated to playing on the fields across Iowa every Friday night. But with this privilege comes great responsibility.

We owe it to our sport and to those kids to provide them with a great experience during their time with us. I am sure that all of us believe that through athletics, kids learn a whole lot more than just how to block and tackle. As one of my mentors, Ed Thomas once said, “if all I do is teach you how to block and tackle, then I have failed as a coach.” I hope that each of us take the opportunity to make sure that the young men we coach learn valuable lessons that they will take with them from football and apply in their lives to become great leaders of their families, in their careers, and in their communities.

The IFCA and the Board of Directors works very hard to represent you and your school each and every year. We have an outstanding awards program that recognizes coaches and players for both their performances on the field and in the classroom. We highlight the efforts of our lower level program coaches and others who make Friday nights possible from the chain gangs, the sideline trainers and doctors, to the timers in the press box. We all know that a great Friday experience is not possible without the talents from all of these individuals. As a member, we hope you take the time to nominate deserving people for these awards.

As our sport continues to grow and deal with the new challenges that we face, it is important for all of us to be as active as we can be within our association. There are many ways to get involved and be heard. We hold board of director meetings four times a year in addition to regional meetings throughout the state at the conclusion of each season. Take the time to know who represents your part of the state on the board and contact them with questions or issues that you feel need to be addressed.

An active member is an informed member. You can obtain information on the IFCA by following us on twitter at @IFBCA and also by checking in on our website regularly.  

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as the president of this great organization and will do all I can to continue the leadership of the many great coaches and people who have come before me.

Scott Heitland
IFCA President
Head Coach Dallas Center-Grimes High School