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Iowa Football Coaches Association
Iowa Football Coaches Association

Association Benefits


  • Meet new coaches socially
  • Enjoy hospitality room at playoffs in UNI Dome
  • Read current articles in Journal written by IFCA members
  • Obtain endorsement credit through our clinics
  • Reduced admission at some college games
  • May be appointed to serve on a standing committee
  • Could serve as an officer on the Board of Directors


  • Honor Conference champs at the Play-Offs
  • Help in obtaining recognition of your All-State players
  • District coach of the year in each district (10 awards)
  • Honor assistant coaches (10 awards)
  • Honor junior high coaches (Don Taft Award) (5 awards)
  • Distinguished service awards to auxiliary personnel
  • Hall of Fame inductees (5 awards)
  • State championship ring to each head coach


  • Code of conduct - Ethics committee
  • Help set guidelines for the playoffs
  • Serve in advisory capacity in IHSAA Rules Committee
  • Promote unity with other coaching & administrative organizations
  • Provide scholarships to future coach (college freshman)
  • Authorize yearbook
  • Select head coaches and players  for the Shrine All-Star Game
  • A voice in legislative issues related to football
  • Association with NHSACA and NFICA