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Iowa Football Coaches Association
Iowa Football Coaches Association

Twitter Instructions

If you already have a twitter account this is the only step that you have to follow:

  1. Send a text message to the number 40404 with the words “follow @IFBCA”
  2. You will then receive a message that states you will receive text messages from the IFCA when they are made public.
  3. If you do not have a twitter account, then you must set up an account. Follow these steps and you will be able to complete the process. It is very simple!
  4. Send a text message to 40404 with the word 'START'
  5. Twitter will send you a reply and ask you to reply with the word 'SIGNUP' to create a new account. Send 'SIGNUP'.
  6. Next, Twitter will ask you to pick a username. Your username must be unique and less than 15 characters. Reply with the username you want.
  7. You will get a confirmation message when you pick a unique username (Twitter will tell you to pick a new name if someone else has the username you wanted).
  8. Choose a password.
  9. Sent a text message to 40404 with the words ‘FOLLOW @IFBCA’

Thanks for following IFCA on twitter! You will receive notifications that relate to IFCA activities during the year to assist you in making the most of your membership!